Noon Exchange Club Announces Officer of the Year


Murfreesboro Police Department Officer Nathan Corwin has been named, ‘Officer of the Year,’ by the Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro.

Corwin was presented the award at the Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro 2019 Fire and Crime Prevention Banquet held at First Methodist Church on Thompson Lane Thursday, Oct. 10.

Chief Michael Bowen applauded Corwin for his commitment to the department and community.

“The Murfreesboro Police Department is proud of Officer Corwin’s hard work and dedication in serving the City of Murfreesboro,” Bowen said. “He is highly deserving of this award and we wish him future success in his career.”

In August, acting upon his suspicion, Corwin conducted an investigation at a local apartment complex where he confiscated Oxycodone, heroin, guns and ammunition. This led to numerous criminal charges and stopped dangerous drugs form being distributed on the streets of Murfreesboro.

He was also instrumental in following up on a rash of home burglaries in his assigned zone this year. His tenacious efforts led to evidence being discovered and suspect being arrested.

“I always wanted to be a cop my whole life,” Corwin said. “Being named Officer of the Year just validates it.”

Corwin began his career with MPD in April 2016 and currently he is a patrolman on the evening shift. He also has 17 years’ experience as a Military Police Officer. He was active duty for 12 years with the United States Army, serving in Iraq. Corwin also instructs an Advance Leadership Course for the Military Police.

The Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro has been serving the Murfreesboro Community in Middle Tennessee since October 1979. Its goal is to promote the spirit of Exchange by sponsoring other clubs through Elementary, High School, Collegiate and other Exchange Civic Clubs.

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