Nonprofit to Hold Rally at State Capitol in Response to Covenant Shooting

Photo: AWAKE on Instagram
Photo: AWAKE on Instagram

AWAKE has partnered with local leaders, organizations and citizens to organize a rally at the State Capitol on March 30, 2023 following the deadly shooting at Covenant School.

Founded 10 years ago, AWAKE is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the health, safety and advancement of women and children in Tennessee.

The organization says they are calling on citizens to raise their voices to advocate for an end to gun violence and stronger gun laws in Tennessee.

The organization says they are devastated by the incident and exhausted by the frequency of mass shootings in the U.S.


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“This is and has always been unacceptable. If you are looking for a way to channel your grief, anger, and confusion into action- please join us,” AWAKE said on their Facebook page.

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