New Music for You This Week- June 6, 2022


If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore their music.

Michael Shaw- He Rode On

Michael Shaw
photo from Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw was working as a horseman and wilderness ranger in Western Montana for more than a decade, patrolling the wildest reaches of Glacier National Park with his two horses, Pancho and Snuff. It was that experience that shaped Shaw’s debut album He Rode On in a way which only that unpredictable landscape, and the isolation that along with it, can.

Take a listen here. 

The Venomous Pinks – “Vita Mors”

The Venomous PInks
photo from The Venomous Pinks

Arizona’s punk powerhouse, The Venomous Pinks has released its debut LP ‘Vita Mors’ via SBÄM Records. “Alright. You’ve got one life. One chance. Always do your best. Stand for what you believe in. You’re much stronger than you think. When you really want it, you are unstoppable. Hold on to what your heart speaks.” – The Venomous Pinks

See them on Brooklyn Bowl on June 15.

Take a listen here.


The Sheepdogs – Outta Sight 

Sheep Dogs
photo from Sheep Dogs

The Sheepdogs is a hard-working and hard-living Canadian band—Ewan Currie, Ryan Gullen, Sam Corbett, Jimmy Bowskill, and Shamus Currie—were, like the rest of us, confused, cast ashore, and feeling isolated during COVID, but their output during that time produced the grooviest, simplest, and most penetrating album of their career. The band will perform at Basement East on October 25th.

Take a listen here.

Logan Mize- “Crackin’ a Cold One”

Logan Mize
photo from Logan Mize

Logan Mize just released his summer anthem – “Crackin’ a Cold One.” Mize says,“I’ve spent the last few years riding the wave of some sad songs, so I thought it was time for something light-hearted and fun. I started this song one day while I was push mowing and it made me giggle, but then it got stuck in my head and I knew I had to finish it. My wife, Jill, and good friend Nick Walsh helped me whip it into shape and now here we are about to release the hottest jam of the summer.”

Take a listen here. 

Madeline Edwards – “Hold My Horses”

Madeline Edwards
photo from Madeline Edwards

Breakthrough singer-songwriter Madeline Edwards announced today she will release her highly-anticipated debut EP on June 24th. Ahead of the EP release, you can listen to “Hold My Horses.”

In celebration of the release, Edwards will play a full-band show at Nashville’s famed venue The Basement, starting at 7p.m. on the night of the EP release. Tickets are on-sale now HERE.

Take a listen here. 

Abby Hamilton – “Trailer Park Queen”

Abby Hamilton
photo by Evan Woodrum

Emerging country and folk-rock artist Abby Hamilton releases her new single, “Trailer Park Queen,” out now. Opening for acts like Wynonna Judd, Shakey Graves, Backseat Lovers, Justin Wells, Kelsey Waldon and Arlo McKinley, singing at festivals including Master Musicians, Railbird and Luck Reunion and performing on a recent episode of Mountain Stage. With influences ranging from classic country to Sheryl Crow and Bruce Springsteen, she has won over audiences with her ironic and sincere lyrical perspective and entrancing vocals.

Take a listen here. 

Twinnie – Welcome to the Club 

photo by Fraser Taylor

Twinnie released her four track EP Welcome To The Club, which features the never-before-heard “Something or Somebody” and recently released tracks “Welcome To The Club,” “One Heart,” and “Dying Inside.

“Welcome to the Club is a call to action to encourage people to expose themselves to the world and take pride in their authentic selves,” says Twinnie. “The club represents a place where everyone is welcome. This EP is a celebration of all of our differences and a narrative on finding the power that comes from freeing yourself from society’s labels.”

Take a listen here. 

Lee Brice -“R3HAB Remix”

Lee Brice
photo from Lee Brice

Lee Brice, has released the R3HAB Remix (featuring Blanco Brown). The uplifting and danceable R3HAB remix pairs Lee with multi-Platinum artist, Blanco Brown, making this iteration an infectious anthem just in time for summer!

Take a listen here. 

Alexander Ludwig – “Faded on Me”

Alexander ludwig
photo by Daniel Delgado Jr

Alexander Ludwig announced the release of his full-length debut album, Highway 99 due out August 26. Filled with 16 tracks that tell universal stories about small towns, wild nights, broken hearts, and big dreams, the album is glued together by a mix of amplified guitars, climactic choruses, and heartland hooks. To celebrate the album announcement, Ludwig released the anthemic first single off the LP, “Faded On Me.”

Ludwig stars in the STARZ TV series  Heels, which is currently in production on its second season. Most recently, Ludwig can be seen alongside Uzo Aduba and J.K. Simmons in STX’s college sports drama National Champions as well as the drama film Heart of Champions. Upcoming, he will star in Guy Ritchie’s The Interpreter for MGM and Amazon.

Take a listen here. 

TobyMac- “Goodness”

photo by Robbie Klein

TobyMac will release a new album on August 19th, ahead of the release is “Goodness.”

As most of you know, it’s been a hard, hard road for me the last couple of years,” TobyMac recalls. “I began writing this record right after losing my first born son — the first few songs I wrote, “21 Years,” “Promised Land,” and a song called “Everything About You,” were just really sad songs, lamenting songs, which you kind of would expect.  At that point, I was just like, ‘Am I just going to live here? Is this my journey for the rest of my life?,’ and maybe it is sort of, but God began giving me glimpses, starting with “Help Is On the Way,” I started to really stand on that promise, and really believe that help is on the way. Where that journey sort of took me, and what I kind of landed on, was this thought: I wrote on a napkin one day, ‘you’re still the goodness in my life,’ and I started to believe that, and to see how God is good to me. That’s when I wrote “The Goodness,” and it felt like a celebration, because I began to think about how gracious God is, and how He gives us little glimpses of His goodness, even in the valley.  Then I read a quote, and it led to a lot of the lyrics in this song, it said, ‘a saint is not someone who is good, but someone who experiences the goodness of God.’  I have experienced the goodness of God my whole life. There is LIFE AFTER DEATH.  This record chronicles the journey I have been on over the last 2 years, and somehow through it all, I have experienced the goodness of God.”

Take a listen here.    


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