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Recent data suggests drug-related overdoses and emergency room visits continue to rise in Rutherford County. Comprehensive treatments using novel medications such as Suboxone, combined with Trauma-Based Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Care Management have been difficult to initiate. For that reason, Cooperative Recovery of Mental Health Cooperative has opened a state-of-the-art Substance Use and Addiction Treatment Clinic in Murfreesboro on July 1st

Cooperative Recovery is a local non-profit that will focus on TennCare members who are
struggling with opiate dependence and need an outpatient program where they can still work, attend school or take care of their families. “Opiate misuse is often just the symptom of deeper, more profound issues that must be addressed before we can expect lasting change,” said Pam Womack, Chief Executive Officer. “We will offer all of the tools someone needs to find comfortable recovery under one roof, in a clean, safe and non-judgmental environment.”

Dr. David Patzer, a board-certified addiction psychiatrist will see all clients and welcomes them to experience a new and better way of life. There will be no wait to get started and all
TennCare plans are accepted.

Cooperative Recovery invites your calls for additional information, to get started or to make a referral at (615) 687-4680. The clinic is located at 1419 Kensington Square Court in