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NASHVILLE – The 2021 Tennessee State Transportation Map is now available for travelers.

Due to the pandemic and reduction of tourist travel through the state, the 2021 Tennessee State Transportation Map will only be available in digital format. The PDF can be downloaded and printed. As in 2020, this digital print was created in ESRI ArcGIS Pro using Geographic Information Systems as the foundation. There have been several improvements and additions to the 2021 Tennessee State Transportation Map in order to increase its accuracy and usability. These include, but are not limited to:  county borders were enhanced, SR 193 was updated, Big South Fork National River Recreation Area was updated, a one-sided map was created,  US 127 was updated, and rivers and lakes were enhanced.  As this is a digital print, more updates will roll out throughout the year.

The 2021 state map can be downloaded from the TDOT website at

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