Nashville’s Chrome Bar Dance Studio Expands Into Murfreesboro


Upon the urging of many long-time students who devotedly drove for many years to Nashville to take dance classes, boutique fitness and renowned pole dance studio The Chrome Bar, has opened a Murfreesboro location.

“We are so excited to share our new spot with you,” says owner Alethena Austin on the Chrome Bar website. “Join us as we slowly open our second location [located in Murfreesboro] with a limited schedule and small group classes.”

Chrome Bar is a renowned pole dance studio begun by Austin in 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the 2010 United States Pole Dance Champion and has toured the world giving performances and teaching this form of dance exercise that helps women develop strength, flexibility, and grace. With a huge international following, Murfreesboro is lucky to have her bring her specialized form of dance here.

Once limited to the ranks of exotic dancers, pole fitness is now considered a sport, and it is officially recognized by the Global Association of International Sports Federations.

Classes take different forms. Several levels of pole dance classes, chair dance classes, and floor dance classes have been offered in Austin’s Nashville studio. She is slowly adding classes in Murfreesboro, and carefully following COVID-19 protocols.

Level 1 Pole dancing is for those who have never taken a dance class, have no upper body strength, and are completely out of shape but want to get into shape and begin to feel like a strong and sexy woman. Level 2 adds to the basics with the addition of spins, pole climbs, and what they call “exotic flow”. And Level 3 is where things get kicked up. Students will learn how to put together routines, and get comfortable with aerial skills, like inversions.

Murfreesboro’s “soft opening” schedule includes Introduction to Pole on Sundays; Pole Basics on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Saturdays; Spins and Climbs and Exotic Pole on Mondays; and Floorwork on Saturdays. Floorwork is described on the website as, “… the most fun you can have and call it exercise…everything you need to know about taking your dance skills to the ground. Sexy fiery crawls, big fan kicks and hypnotic wavy legs. This class is perfect for starting to find your dance attitude at The Chrome Bar.”

Yoga clothing is the best to wear to early classes, but nothing too baggy. And no lotion or body oils, as they make the pole slippery, which is dangerous. While heels will be added to the equation eventually, their website suggests taking initial classes without them until ankle strength is developed. Also, the heels they do wear are not street shoes, they are made for pole dancing. Students will also need knee pads.

Currently, they are asking that masks be worn at all times in the studio and during classes. By limiting classes to five or six people, each client will have their own pole and be able to keep it cleaned with EPA-approved cleaners. Also, all students will be asked to stay in their cars until five minutes before class starts.

They also offer pole and chair dance parties. The cost is $350 for six participants for one hour and fifteen minutes. A champagne toast completes the dance party.

All instructors are trained by Austin, and several are Middle Tennessee State University graduates.

Those wanting to see what they teach, or learn more about the RAA meeting and Chrome Bar showcase, clicking here. To Sign up for classes and learn more about Austin, go to Follow them at @thechromebarboro.

Chrome Bar Dance Studio
118 West Vine Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Phone: 615-291-9959
Hours: Check class times on their website.