Murphy Madness 2016


2016-17 Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tip-Off

Last Night the Murphy Center was the sight of MT’s start to the most anticipated season in recent memory. Every Raider fan knows the success that both the men & women’s teams had last season. Both programs won the C-USA tournament and played in the NCAA tournament. And what is now the stuff of Murfreesboro legend, the boys in blue took down the Spartans of Michigan St. in the first round.

As if the wave of momentum from last year wasn’t enough to fuel the madness at the Murph, the Raider’s had a very special guest in the house. Coach Kermit Davis introduced him to ruckus MT crowd as a man who has done more for the game of college basketball then almost anyone in it’s history. None other then Dick Vitale.

The night would consist of several dunks and dabs. Things got underway with introductions of both teams and their coaching staffs followed by impersonations of Dickie V by MT students. The winner of the contest received a $250 gift card to the Blue Raider book store. Next up, the Blue Raider’s put their skills on display with a three point competition. Giddy Potts shot the lights out and won on the men’s side while pre-season all conference selection Ty Petty won the women’s side.

The talents of the MT student body were put back on display as the classic half court shot challenge was attempted for a chance to win a brand new 2017 Raider Blue Ford Mustang. The whole arena held their collective breathes as the shot bounced off the rim from half court, barely missing.

As fitting for any good basketball season tip-off, the slam dunk contest was held for last. With president McPhee and Dickie V judging the throw downs the contest was won by a single point (Dickie V, of course held off from giving the point, holding up a 9 as the rest of the judges held 10’s) The dunk crown was handed to Antwain Johnson.

Here is a look at what the Source saw last night at an amazing Murphy Madness and a true display of what it means to be #TrueBlue

We want to wish Coach Insell and Coach Davis the best of luck to both ofmurphy-madness-1 murphy-madness-2 murphy-madness-3 murphy-madness-4 murphy-madness-5 murphy-madness-6 murphy-madness-7 murphy-madness-8 murphy-madness-9 murphy-madness-10 murphy-madness-11 murphy-madness-12 murphy-madness-13 murphy-madness-14 murphy-madness-15 murphy-madness-16 murphy-madness-17 their teams this season.