Money Magazine, in partnership with, published a list of the top 50 places to live in America. Murfreesboro came in at number 19 on the list.

It states, “Low unemployment, booming job growth, short job commutes, and breweries aplenty make it an ideal place to set down roots. Two highly ranked school districts (plus an array of private schools) assure parents their kids can receive a quality education,” says Money Magazine.

murfreesboro named best place to live
from Money Magazine

Another Middle Tennessee city made the list as well. Franklin came in at number 6. The number one city on the list is Frisco, Texas followed by Ashburn, Virginia, and Carmel, Indiana.

Interesting note, all of the top ten cities on the list have a population close to 100,000 with the exception of Frisco, Texas and Cary, North Carolina. Income ranges for the top ten cities are over $100,000 with Franklin coming in at the lowest median average at $109,000.

Read the complete study here.


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