Murfreesboro Coffee Shop Brings People Together Through Coffee and Culture


Brass Horn Coffee Roasters is drawing people through its doors with its high-end specialty coffees and teas and inviting atmosphere. Using handmade pottery, finely crafted wood tabletops, a mural, and a bar created by CS Wood Working, Jeremy Florida and his wife have created a space to draw students and downtown residents.

Buying from Small Fair-Trade Importers

Florida uses three importers who provide coffee from five different regions. Ally furnishes their main bean, which comes from Brazil. Their decaf also comes from Brazil. Other coffees from Ally include their Ethiopian. Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua provide other beans. His Nicaraguan coffee source, Gold Mountain, works with small producers in the country, like that owned by the Jesus family.

By working with companies that work with small farms, especially Gold Mountain in Nicaragua, Brass Horn is able to help them build fair market communities while increasing product quality. Nicaragua is one of the poorest coffee growing nations and buying from them is helping to build a stronger economy.

Strong community building is what Brass Horn is all about. “Our goal,” said Florida, “is to impact people in a positive way through coffee and culture.”

Building History is Community Centered

The building where the coffee shop is located has a long history in the community. Florida’s grandfather started an auto parts store in the building in 1957. Then in 1989, the Red Cross moved in. That was followed by Green House Ministries, and then The Experience Church.

“The previous occupiers of this building were pillars of the community,” said Florida, “We want to follow in their footsteps by using specialty coffee to bring people together.”

Developed a Love of Coffee Shops

Florida’s journey began when he was in college and worked in a coffee shop. He loved the people and the ambiance. He felt it was his second home. He had been roasting coffee at home for six or seven years before taking the plunge, but when his grandfather’s building became vacant again, it was time to create his dream.

Using Handmade Pottery

Finely crafted coffees, teas, and tonics are served in handmade pottery created in Chattanooga by Bean and Bailey Ceramics, which has ties to Murfreesboro. Anderson Bailey, a Murfreesboro native, who started the studio with his partner, Jessie Bean, passed away in 2018 from brain cancer, but Bean has continued to make Bailey’s designs.

Menu Items of Choice

Lattes are their top coffee drink, especially their Cuban, which is made with sweetened condensed milk. It is followed by their Vanilla Latte, created from their own vanilla flavoring that incorporates the whole bean.
Saigon Herbal Tea from Spirit Tea is their top seller. From their Saigon Tea, they make a mocktail. The tea is blended with house-made cinnamon/apple/clove simple syrup and cocktail bitters with an orange garnish. They also make a coffee-based mocktail with espresso and Fever Tree tonic water that comes from India. It has a much cleaner, refreshing taste than other tonic waters.

More mocktails will be added in the future

Additional beverages, like seltzer water and kombucha, are also available. All of their pastries come from local bakery Olive Branch. These include muffins, buns, and scones.

All Thanks to a Friend

“None of this would have been possible without James Farley,” said Florida. “He’s a coffee nerd who helped four other coffee houses open in Nashville. His input on the menu made all the difference.”

Brass Horn Coffee Roasters
410 West Lytle Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hours: Monday through Saturday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm
Closed Sunday