Mother-Daughter Duo Create Murfreesboro Blessings to Give Back to the Community


A mother and daughter have teamed up to create and manage a women-only Facebook group called Murfreesboro Blessings and they are giving back to Murfreesboro children and families this Holiday season.

This holiday season, through their ‘Santas Helpers’ initiative, the group adopted Murfreesboro children in-need so every child has something under the Christmas tree this year.

Hannah Spitzner started the Facebook group Murfreesboro Blessings at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to lift spirits and provide a virtual network of support for women and single-moms in the Murfreesboro community. The group has grown to 1,300 members since April.

But Hannah and her mom, Reida, are finding new ways to use their virtual presence to help others.

“So many friendships have blossomed through this women-only group. Group members have made lifelong friends, found babysitters, and in one instance, paid for car repairs for a family in desperate need. Perhaps most importantly, I’m proud to have created a group that supports our community through initiatives like Santa’s Helpers and helps the families that need it most during this really difficult year,” said admins Hannah and Reida Spitzner.

Hannah and Reida have even bigger group goals for next year and hope to start food drives to help the elderly and special needs communities come January.

Ninety-nine children have signed up for the program, but only 44 children have been adopted. Murfreesboro Blessings is looking for people to adopt the remaining 55 children. Click here to join the Murfreesboro Blessings Facebook Group.