Murfreesboro Athletic Club: 7 Strength Training Tips


Building strength and muscles is a great goal at any age and at any fitness level. But strength training doesn’t mean your goal is to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nor is strength training limited to heavy free weights. Lean muscles are also built through strength training. 

Discover the many ways (and reasons) to add muscle tone at Murfreesboro Athletic Club with these seven strength training tips.

1) Lift with Purpose

Whether you are using a weightlifting machine or free weights, make sure the weight level is sufficient. If it’s too easy for the number of reps in your set add a little weight. The last one or two reps in a set should be a challenge, but doable. (Back the weight down if you can’t complete a set of eight reps.) If it’s too easy, you’re not getting the strength-building benefit. Make it count!

2) Work Out Where You Are

Who says the gym is the only place you can strength train? Sit on a stability ball at your desk to build ab strength. Going for a run? Do a few tricep dips on the park bench you run past. Or add a set of push-ups every few minutes or every mile.

3) Do Double-Duty Exercises

Many exercises can focus on more than one muscle group at a time, giving you results in multiple body parts in less time. Ask our personal trainers to demonstrate moves such as lunge with a bicep curl or side-step squat with a wood chop.

4) Rest Builds Strength

If you work the same muscle group every single day, you aren’t giving it time to recover and actually get stronger. If you strength train daily, switch up the muscles you’re working and give a day between. For example, if you do leg day on Monday, focus on chest or arms on Tuesday.

5) Keep it Interesting

Nothing is more boring than the same old thing, every day, every week. And strength training does not need to be boring! Even if you focus on the same muscle groups every week, there are countless ways to target those muscles. Mix it up and keep it interesting. Your muscles will also benefit. New movements on the same muscles build better gains.

6) Body Weight Counts

Did you know you can strength train without ever lifting a single weight? Body weight exercises are excellent tools for building strength…no weights needed! Squats (especially with an explosive jump), push-ups, burpees, planks, mountain climbers and Bulgarian split squats are all excellent ways to build strength throughout your body without weights.

7) Strength in Numbers

You’ve heard the phrase that there is “strength in numbers.” It’s true in fitness as well––but not just the number on the weight. Building strength with others gives you community and accountability. You push yourself a little more, you definitely have more fun and you have an encouraging environment to know you’re not alone. Murfreesboro Athletic Club offers group fitness classes that focus on strength building, in addition to cardio. Check out 

  • TBW – The Total Body Workout uses resistance and cardio with free weights, intervals, power, plyometrics, endurance and body weight. 
  • Body Pump – Any fitness level can enjoy and see gains in strength and endurance using barbells and weights to target every major muscle group.
  • Triple Fit – Intense cardio workout for all fitness levels, featuring plyometrics, sports drills, core work and body weight resistance. High and low impact options shown.

Check out Murfreesboro Athletic Club for options and ideas on strength training. Sign up online or contact us for more information.

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