Murfreesboro Airport Runway to Close for Pavement Maintenance

Murfreesboro Airport
Murfreesboro Airport

The Murfreesboro Municipal Airport Runway, Taxiway, and Apron will undergo required maintenance beginning June 15, 2023, for safety enhancements. Airport Operations scheduled a closure for approximately 30 days for completion of the required work. Taxiway A will not be used for departures and landings during maintenance.

“Commercial operators and customers have been notified of the temporary maintenance closure,” said Airport Director Chad Gehrke. “Consulting engineer Barge Design Solutions is coordinating with the Tennessee Department of Transportation—Division of Aeronautics and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on contingency plans if necessary as well as considering all options that could assist in minimizing airport closure time and the impact on commercial businesses.”

The scheduled 30-day closing period does not include days for rainy weather that can add time to the month-long runway closure. The majority of Taxiway A will be milled, repaved, sealed and remarked as part of the project. Maintenance also includes milling down a non-standard slope at one taxiway intersection. Runway 18-36 will receive crack repair, seal coating and paint. Runway 36 will be displaced 200 feet to the north.

The Murfreesboro City Council voted May 18, 2023, to accept $1.2 million in federal and state grant funding for completion of the required pavement maintenance project. Council approved $64,925 local City matching FY19 CIP funds for the project. A second federal grant of $528,729 is expected later in 2023. Council approved a contract with Cleary Construction in the amount of $1.827 million to complete the project.

Budgeting for the $1.23 million Taxiway A and Apron Pavement Maintenance is 95 percent federal and state funded:
$600,000 Federal FAA Grant
$528,729-Federal FAA Grant (expected later this year)
$636,656 State Grant
$65,000 City FY19 CIP funds (Local)

“Well maintained pavement not only saves aircraft maintenance costs, it is also an FAA requirement under “Grant Assurances,” added Gehrke. “Ensuring safety and efficient use of the airport is also a major focus of the Murfreesboro Airport and the Tennessee Division of Aeronautics.”

Airport Operations has advised customers that aircraft parked on the apron will need to be relocated while the runway and apron are under construction. Aircraft left on the apron will be relocated to the grass. Seal coating and paint will be applied to the apron surface so all auto traffic must stay off the pavement for some period.

Maintenance and improvement of the City’s Airport is an economic growth and development priority. The City completed construction of a new Municipal Airport Terminal in 2020, replacing the old terminal built in 1952. The new 16,000-sqaure-foot terminal includes a large main lobby with raised and ground level observation areas, lounge seating, a large leasable Business Center, smaller conference room space, pilot lounge, and office space. A new Hangar 1 project nearing completion will enhance the Airport’s infrastructure with a new modern, versatile hangar facility, allowing the expansion of Mike Jones Aircraft Sales, and creation of highly skilled jobs.

For the latest information, contact Airport Office at 615-848-3254 or
visit the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport webpage at

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