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MTSU photo by Jimmy Hart

MTSU is spreading the message to prospective students and families about MT Tuition Free — an opportunity where first-time freshmen paying in-state tuition and attending full time can attend tuition free if they receive the Tennessee Education Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship and the maximum federal Pell Grant.

For eligible students, they could have no out-of-pocket costs for tuition and fees, and no student loans would be required.

With the lowest tuition and greatest value of the state’s three major comprehensive universities, tuition and fees at MTSU can be covered by federal aid and other scholarships for students who fall within the income and academic criteria set by state and federal governments.

To learn more about MT Tuition Free, visit https://www.mtsu.edu/tuition-free/.

Deb Sells, vice president of Student Affairs and vice provost of Enrollment and Academic Services, said the university is “delighted that students and their families are becoming aware of the ways in which an MTSU education could be tuition-free for low-income students — and that there is also a route for our high-ability students.”

“With MTSU’s low tuition, coupled with federal Pell Grant aid for low-income students, or coupled with one of our guaranteed academic scholarships for high- ability students, tuition and fees may be completed covered,” Sells added. “We want all Tennesseans to know that the community college isn’t the only route to a tuition-free degree.”

Enrollment coordinators in the MT One Stop can work with prospective qualifying students to ensure the students are connected with the appropriate aid and scholarship offerings based upon the student’s eligibility. New students are encouraged to work with those staff members to determine the best routes available to reduce a new freshman’s tuition and fees bill to $0 — and possibly leave some extra money to help cover expenses like housing, meal plans and books.