Middle TN High School Football Player Profile: Lineman Isaiah Molina, Blackman High

Middle TN High School Football Player Profile_ Blackman Lineman Isaiah Molina

This week our Middle Tennessee Source Player Profile is Blackman Lineman Isaiah Molina.

According to a reader submission, Molina is truly what it means to be a student-athlete of the highest degree. Isaiah is taking all honors classes and maintaining a 3.8 GPA while staying dedicated to his team.

Isaiah’s favorite athlete is LA Rams D-Lineman, Aaron Donald. His favorite movie is The Dark Knight, and his favorite band is Metallica. I couldn’t have designed a better favorites section for a lineman if I tried.

This is what Isaiah’s coach, Chandler Tygard, had to say about him:

“Isaiah works very hard and is an excellent student in the classroom. He is seeing some playing time at Right Guard for us and is only a sophomore. “

Congratulations to Isaiah and good luck for the rest of the season.