2016 Homecoming at MTCS

Friday night the MTCS Cougars (7-2) welcomed the defending 1-A state champs, Nashville Christian Eagles(6-2). MTCS came into the game eager to prove themselves by handing NCS their first loss in division play. Nashville Christian would have other ideas.

It was a night that most football enthusiast would consider “perfect football weather” here in late October. The Cougars saw this game as their perfect opportunity to make some noise in 1-A football. The Cougars came out of the gates shaky, fumbling three times in the first quarter. Luckily for them, the ball was literally bouncing their way, as they did not loose any of the three. Despite the sloppy play early on the Cougars would take a 17-12 lead into the half. The mistakes in the game were not limited to just MTCS. As the Eagles missed their first PAT and then attempted to salvage those points after their next score by going for two. Only to once again come up empty.

Points were few and far between in the second half. Both teams would pitch a shut out in the third quarter. Heading into the waning moments of the fourth it looked as if the Cougars would be making some noise in 1-A, still leading with four minutes left. With those four final minutes the Eagles would regain possession and show their championship medal. The Nashville Christian score would dash any hopes the Cougars had on homecoming night. The Eagles would also tack on that allusive extra point finally, converting on a two point play. The final score would be 20-17 with MTCS falling to 7-3 while NCS improved to 7-2.

MTCS Player Stats


# Athlete Name Comp Att Yds C % Avg TD Int Lng QB Rate
Team Totals 10 21 202 .476 20.2 2 1 63 93.8
8 Joseph Peck (Sr) 10 21 202 .476 20.2 2 1 63 93.8



# Athlete Name Car Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 31 107 3.5 37
21 Kemari Mcgowan (Fr) 4 12 3.0
24 A. McConnell (Jr) 1 2 2.0
56 Will Cole (Jr) 1 -8 -8.0
8 Joseph Peck (Sr) 25 101 4.0 37


# Athlete Name Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
Team Totals 10 202 20.2 63 2
16 Logan Brady (Jr) 5 87 17.4 32
21 Kemari Mcgowan (Fr) 1 4 4.0
24 A. McConnell (Jr) 2 16 8.0 20
44 Grant Pickard (Jr) 1 63 63.0 63 1
7 Lucas Dale (Sr) 1 32 32.0 32 1

 mtcs-3 mtcs-4 mtcs-5 mtcs-6 mtcs-7 mtcs-8 mtcs-9 mtcs-10 mtcs-11 mtcs-12 mtcs-13


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