MFRD Gets New Spark


Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department welcomed 10 new Fire Trainees this week.

Gianna Bacchetti, Brenner Ballard, Robert Gingrow, Tiara Green, Thomas Gunnell, Kevin Madachik, Jacob Nance, Betsy Prusynski, James Ray, and Adam Ross began their week-long orientation at Fire Administration Monday and will head to the Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy next week to begin Rookie School. Trainees are unique because they are not required to have any previous fire service experience.

At the completion of the 10-week Rookie School, the Fire Trainees will be assigned to stations and will work on other training requirements to become certified Firefighters and Emergency First Responders by their one year anniversary date.

“These men and women are eager to start training in the fire service,” said Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks. “I know they will do well in Rookie School and will only continue to gain knowledge and skills from there!”

Meet the New Fire Trainees

Fire TraineesGianna Bacchetti
Volunteer Firefighter with Kittrell VFD for 1 Year; finished EMT school and is preparing to take the National Registry for licensure
Hobbies include: Working out, kayaking, spending time with family, and snow skiing in the winter.
Reason for joining the fire service: “I have the heart and passion for helping people, even on their worst days. Ever since I was way young, I have always looked up to the men and women of the fire service and knew one day I would be honored enough to work alongside of them and make a difference.”
Looks forward to: Making a positive impact in the department, as well as serving the citizens of Murfreesboro. “I want to make MFRD proud and look forward to continuing my education and training to better myself for the benefit of my fellow brothers and sisters.”
Fun fact: Gianna is a recent “transplant” from California.

Brenner Ballard, EMT-Basic
Two Years Fire Service Experience
Hobbies include: Hunting, fishing, loving every day, adventuring outdoors, woodworking, and having fun with friends and family.
Reason for joining the fire service: “Coming from four generations of fire chiefs, I really had no other option. I’ve been around the fire service since birth and couldn’t imagine doing any other job. I thoroughly enjoy helping people and being able to serve the community.”
Looks forward to: “Continuing my education and training to better myself and others, being a part of a well-respected organization, and serving the great citizens of Murfreesboro!”

Robert Gingrow, Paramedic
6 years in Emergency Medical Services
Married to Rachel, Kids: Taylor (6), John Thomas (5)
Hobbies include: Hiking and spending time with family.
Looks forward to: “Having the opportunity to grow and learn more in a very progressive department.”

Tiara Green
Kids: Imani (13), Aaron (11), and Taylor (5)
Hobbies include: Bowling, shopping, swimming, board games, anything outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.
Reason for joining the fire service: “The love and passion for participating in saving lives. I enjoy working in stressful environments where I can protect, serve, and save.”
Looks forward to: “Learning everything I can, building skills, gaining knowledge, and being a part of the family.”
Fun facts: Tiara has been a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years, has 10+ years background in the medical field working as a Nurse’s Assistant, and is originally from Jacksonville, FL.

Thomas Gunnell
Married to Ashley
Hobbies include: Fishing, woodworking, shooting, and video games.
Reason for joining the fire service: “To be able to help people, as well as my love for hands-on type work. I also know that it is extremely team-oriented which is something I have always loved from my past in sports.”
Looks forward to: “Learning about the fire service and creating/joining a brotherhood and enjoying the camaraderie within. I am excited to meet new people and make new friends.”
He adds, “I am so grateful to have been selected to be a part of the MFRD family. I know how difficult it can be to get into the paid fire service and I am still awestruck that I was chosen to join this team!”

Kevin Madachik
12 years as an “infantryman” in the United States Marine Corps
Daughter, Fiona (6)
Hobbies: Woodworking and shooting.
Reason for joining the fire service: “I miss the camaraderie of the Marine Corps and wanted to be a part of the City of Murfreesboro to give the city back what it has given me.”
Looks forward to: “My first call as a Firefighter for Murfreesboro.”
He adds, “I feel blessed to be selected among these amazing trainees and know that we will make the department proud.”

Jacob Nance
7 years serving in the United States Army
Hobbies include: Fishing, watching University of Tennessee football, working out, and canoeing.
Reason for joining the fire service: “My desire to protect the community in which I live, and to become a part of a brotherhood that is much bigger than myself.”
Looks forward to: “I am most excited about being able to service my community. In my opinion, there is nothing greater than helping your fellow citizens on their worst day.”

Betsy Prusynski, Paramedic
Hobbies include: Hiking and kayaking.
Reason for joining the fire service: “I have always enjoyed helping others in different capacities and the fire service gives me that opportunity to feel as though I have helped.”
Looks forward to: “Serving the citizens of Murfreesboro to the best of my ability and working with the MFRD family.”

James Ray
Volunteer Firefighter for 3.5 years
Hobbies include: Fishing and spending time with family.
Reason for joining the fire service: “My compassion and desire to help others when they are in need.”
Looks forward to: “Being able to serve the community I grew up in.”
He adds, “I’m humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the MFRD team and look forward to a long career.”

Adam Ross
Volunteer Firefighter with Almaville VFD for 3 years
Hobbies include: Outdoor activities, skydiving, SCUBA diving, hiking, camping, firefighting, and spending time with friends and family.
Reason for joining the fire service: “I fell in love with the fire service on Day 1. I love to be a helping hand out there for a person in need.”
Looks forward to: “The brotherhood, the family atmosphere… getting to train to better myself, and serving a community I have lived in and watched grow.”
He adds, “I have lived in the Middle Tennessee area all my life. Adam graduated from Blackman High School in 2014

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