MFRD Battalion Chief Retires with Nearly 40 Years of Service


Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department Battalion Chief Dale Maynard is hanging up his helmet after nearly 40 years of service. Maynard’s last day is Saturday, July 8.

Maynard was hired in September 1977 after his wife’s uncle encouraged him to work for the city. “He was a Dispatcher at the time,” said Maynard, and “he told me working for the city would be a great opportunity for me.”

Maynard recalls he initially applied for the position in 1975, but did not hear back until 1977 when the department transitioned to 24 hour shifts (24 hours on/48 hours off duty). “From the time I was hired, I immediately fell in love with the job and for 40 years, I have never looked back,” he said.

Maynard quickly rose through the ranks of Engineer, Captain, and Captain/Shift Training Officer before becoming Battalion Chief in 2007. He was also very active with in the Honor Guard and with MFRD’s Apparatus Spec Committee, two things he will miss in retirement.

When asked about his most memorable call during his lengthy career, Maynard described a motor vehicle incident involving a woman driving underneath a school bus. The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and passed away on scene. Her infant daughter was in the vehicle with her at the time of the accident, but was unharmed. Maynard remembers Rutherford County EMS handing him the baby girl while they continued working with the mother. “That was one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with. All I could think about was how this poor baby had just lost her mother,” said Maynard. “That’s the thing about working in emergency services; you cannot go your entire career without encountering some type of tragedy like this.”

The thing Maynard has loved most about his job at MFRD is undoubtedly the people. “In the fire service, you get to work with an amazing group of men and women; they become your second family,” Maynard commented. “You also get the opportunity to meet many great people out in the community.”

Maynard was asked about his plans post-retirement and responded, “My wife Sara is still working, so nothing special…she has 47 years in with her company. When she gives that up, we may just start doing some traveling!”

“Battalion Chief Maynard has been an unbelievable asset to the department over the years,” said Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks. “He has gone above and beyond in many aspects of the job and we have truly appreciated his service to the department and to the City of Murfreesboro. He will be missed!”

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