MCS Expands Gifted Education Program


Twenty-five teachers from Murfreesboro City Schools received their Tennessee Employment Standard for Gifted Teaching after completing the MTSU/MCS Gifted Academy.

The Gifted Academy, sponsored by The Jennings and Rebecca Jones Foundation, aims to expand Murfreesboro City Schools Gifted Education program by equipping teachers with tools to identify and engage gifted students.

“We expect the identification of the gifted learner to continue to increase at MCS as a result of the academy. As a district, we are working to train at least one teacher at every grade level, at each school. We want to meet the needs of all students, at their level of learning,” stated Lea Bartch, Coordinator of Gifted Services for Murfreesboro City Schools and instructor for the Gifted Academy.

The average number of gifted students in a school district nationwide is 3-5%. The Gifted Academy training presents teachers with numerous tools to assist in planning higher level thinking activities and detailed tasks for gifted learners.

“We want to provide stimulating learning environments for our gifted students allowing them to be challenged and to succeed. We are here to serve all students and expanding our gifted program will help us with that goal,” Bartch continued.

The 2016-17 graduation class includes:
Ashlee Barnes, Megan Brewer, Taylor Brown, Cindy Browning, Jennie Bucaro, Laura Caylor, Buffy Davenport, Karen Tyson, Michele Follis, Anna Gallagher, Judy Gritton, Sarah Hammett, Emily Jameson, Caleb Jones, Xan Lasko, Kim Margetjak, Shae Miga, Alison Murphy, Mary Orcutt, Katie Peek, Rachel Pepper, Abbey Sanders, Suzanne St. John, Whitley Troutman and Kennye Holt.

MCS currently has over 80 teachers that have received additional training related to gifted education.