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Has pandemic life been negatively affecting your skin? Over the last year, many people have experienced dry hands (from frequent hand washing and sanitizer use), as well as rash or acne from mask wearing – often referred to as as “maskne” or “face mask skin.”

While COVID-19 has certainly taken a turn for the better, mask wearing continues to be recommended by the CDC in many situations – even for vaccinated individuals. Increased hand washing and hand sanitizing has become a standard protocol in many workplace environments and has also become more widespread at the individual and household levels.

If you suffer from any of these skin issues, help is available at Harpeth Valley Dermatology, your friendly local skin care clinic where each and every patient is guaranteed to be seen by a board-certified dermatologist – not a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or aesthetician.

Taking Care of COVID Skin

Here are a few things you can do to take care of your dry skin or “face mask skin.” For additional care, don’t hesitate to reach out to Harpeth Valley Dermatology at (615) 905-8083 or request an appointment online.

  • Choose masks that are made from a gentle fabric, such as cotton or polyester blends.
  • Be aware that some commercial face masks may be pre-treated with formaldehyde, which can cause breakouts and allergic reactions. (Formaldehyde is used to disinfect the masks before shipment.)
  • Be aware that the laundry detergent used to clean your reusable cloth face masks may cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Use unscented laundry products.
  • Ensure your facemask fits properly to prevent chafing.
  • Keep your masks clean, as dirt can clog pores and cause irritation.
  • Use gentle moisturizers (not antibacterial ones) to care for dry hands or irritated skin on the face.
  • Consider going without makeup, as certain cosmetic products can cause irritation and flare-ups underneath the mask.

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