Make and Keep Your Healthy Resolutions with Murfreesboro Athletic Club


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”
– Jim Rohn

There are so many things to love about the calendar turning over to a new year, not the least of which is leaving 2020 behind! Many make resolutions for improved health and wellness – often with the best of intentions. Wonderful.

Inevitably, February comes (or even the second week of January!) and we find ourselves falling back into old habits and neglecting new intentions. So how can you make and keep your new year’s resolution for a healthier life? Murfreesboro Athletic Club is here to help with these simple, doable and realistic tips!

#1 Be Specific

Vague or overly broad goals tend to fall by the wayside faster than specific tasks. “I’m going to get healthy this year,” is a really big ask. And how do you even measure that? How do you know if you’re on the right track or even if you’ve “completed” your goal? Instead, name a specific action that will be new or different from past behavior: “I’m going to walk with my friend three times a week.” It’s attainable, it’s measurable, it’s social and it has built-in accountability.

#2 Be Focused

Instead of announcing you will suddenly undo all your perceived vices on Day 1, choose one habit to alter or replace. In other words, “I’m not going to drink alcohol, eat sweets, smoke cigarettes or consume caffeine ever again,” becomes, “I’m going to try to replace ice cream with fresh fruits”.

By focusing on one goal, you are more likely to achieve it. And, your success has a snowball effect, leading to other healthy changes.

Also, the way you phrase your resolution, “I’m never…” versus “I’m going to try…” gives you a higher chance of being successful. If you falter once, you may feel like a failure if you’ve set yourself up for an “always / never” situation. If the phrase is “try” instead, you have built in grace for yourself and have the ability to attempt the new behavior again without guilt!

#3 Be Realistic

It’s awesome to have grand goals, and you should. But you have to build in action plans that are realistic and reasonable to accomplish in order to get to the grand goal. “I’m going to lose 100 pounds!” Great… but how? And by when? Chances are, this isn’t the first time you have set a weight loss goal. Instead, try: “I will work to lose ten pounds by [goal date].” You now have an attainable goal, phrased with grace, framed with work, and a time in which you want to accomplish it. Guess what? Do that over and over and you’ll eventually meet the grand goal.

#4 Be Proud

It’s good to celebrate small successes. It promotes a positive feeling and encourages you to reach the next goal. But even more than celebrating small successes, learn to love and accept yourself as you are. Maybe you’ll see health improvements with lifestyle changes. But it will not change your worth and value as a human being. Self-love and acceptance have to start in your mind, not the mirror.

Start 2021 With Murfreesboro Athletic Club

If health and wellness is your goal this year, contact Murfreesboro Athletic Club for support and encouragement on your fitness journey. FAC offers group fitness classes, strength training, cardio equipment and personal training. They are happy to help you meet and exceed your new goals! For more information, call (615) 396-0999. Membership starts at just $29.99.

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