Looking For Canoe Access in Murfreesboro?


Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.51.25 PMWhen you think of getting in a canoe or kayak you usually pack up and travel up an hour from Murfreesboro, but what if you could do those activities right here in town?

The Stones River is Murfreesboro`s only river with many opportunities to use it.

Mansion Pike Trailhead and Thompson Lane Trailhead are the two Canoe or Kayak access spots located off the Greenway Trail.

The trails are 2 ½ miles apart from each other and have water fountains and restroom stops along the way. The water is calm most of the time and has beautiful scenery.

If you are looking to stay on land the Greenway also offers a lot of trails, parks, and historic sites. If you are interested in seeing the full map of the Greenway you can click here .