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Locally Owned Radio Shack Forced to Close

Emmet Bresee has owned and run a Radio Shack for more than 30 years, 18 years in their current location in Smyrna, but he is now being forced to close his store. It is one of the four remaining Radio Shack brick and mortar stores in Middle Tennessee.

“We [were] notified by our shopping center on September 14 of this year that our lease will be terminated in 30 days. As such, we are currently having a “close the store sale” since we do not have the means to relocate nor anywhere to relocate to.”

His Radio Shack store is now selling consumer electronics such as headphones; in-wall speakers; Bluetooth; soldier equipment; Raspberry Pi; Arduino; components like resistors, capacitors, switches and cables; and pc boards, as well as batteries and some store fixtures. This is only a sampling of all in-store stock that is now on sale for 20% off. This will be a great sale for anyone who uses electronics and wants in-person service with shipping included for free.

“We are part of the community,” said Bresse, “and we have always had one-on-one rapport with our customers. We tailored our products to our local customer’s needs when possible.”

Unlike big box stores, Bresse and his staff have always prided themselves on taking the time to figure out what the customer’s problem was and work together to find a solution. They loved having customers come back in once they successfully completed their project or fixed their issue to let them know it worked and how happy they were.

“Helping our customers succeed has always been very gratifying and it has given us a sense of fulfillment,” said Bresse.

They have also been involved in the community for many years, participating in community events such as Halloween in the Park in Smyrna, and they assisted in Science Olympiad with Smyrna Middle and High School.

“STEM and STEAM are the future for the next generations,” said Bresse. “We enjoyed helping kids learn about science, engineering and technology.”

The sale is already in progress. They will keep going until everything is gone or they have to close their doors. “It’s not a marathon,” said Bresse, “it’s a sprint.”

The Radio Shack brand has been in business since 1921, however, it has had many ups and downs. It began by supplying parts to ham radio operators, reaching its peak in the 1990s when it sold more personal computers than any other company. Much of the current Radio Shack business is now being done online. Bresse’s personal approach is rare and the closing of this store will be the end of an era.

“It’s been a pleasure to serve our community for the past two decades,” said Bresse, “through the highs and lows. We are extremely disappointed that we will be unable to provide electronics service and solutions to our loyal current customers, friends, and family.”

Radio Shack
Smyrna Village Shopping Center next to Golds Gym
577 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, Tennessee
Phone: 615-355-0560
Hours: Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
(All hours are subject to change as the sale progresses)

Lee Rennick
Lee Rennick
Lee has an extensive background in marketing, advertising, public relations, and workforce and community development. An information omnivore, she has written articles about everything from ballet shoes to interior design, to some of the newest local scientific research, two plays, and copy for an Addy Award winning hot sauce label.