A Local Organization is Helping Disabled People


IMG_2296An open house was held this past week not to sell a property, but to show people the hard work an organization has put in to changing peoples lives.

Adults with disabilities want to live a normal life like everyone else. Sometimes it is hard for them to get on their feet so they turn to an organization called Journeys in Community Living. They are a non-profit orginization that provides residential and day services for adults with intellectual disabilities in the Rutherford and Cannon Counties. Journeys mission is committed to supporting adults with disabilities in choosing to realize their visions of where and how they live, work and socialize.

Right now Journeys has 150 people enrolled in their organization and has established about 17 homes.

IMG_2288Journeys in Community Living was established in 1975 as the Rutherford County Adult Activity Center. A name change occurred in August 2011 to better align with the evolved missions. At first the organization operated as a day care and recreational center. Now of days they help disabled people get jobs, live in their own homes, volunteer in the community, and make their own decisions.

“Throughout all these years and changes they’ve brought, it was the people being supported who have led this journey. Their abilities, their interest, and most importantly their dreams and aspirations, are what paved the way forward. They continue to lead us even further into the future today.”
Journeys tries to hold at least one event every month to help raise awareness for their organization. Next month they will be having a silent auction at the Double Tree Hotel. Tickets are available on their website.