Local Fireworks Stands Support Families, Schools, Non-Profits


Filling up a sack with fireworks at one of those roadside stands is about more than a Fourth of July filled with sparklers, smoke bombs, and bottle rockets. It is about helping families raise some extra money for upcoming expenses, like college for their kids, or helping schools and non-profits raise funds.

Why Do People Run Fireworks Booths?

Roshelle Parker and her family decided to take on the running of a fireworks booth for the first time this year.

“Coaches we know have done them to raise money for their teams,” said Parker. “They helped us get one this year. We have a soon to be sixteen-year-old that needs a car, and upcoming college expenses. We thought it would be a fun way for the family to work together.”

The Parker family got their booth through Capital Fireworks, and their booth is located behind Home Depot in Smyrna. They carry a wide assortment of snaps, poppers, smoke bombs, fireworks, fireballs, black cats, and rockets. If you can’t make up your mind, they have assortment packs.

“The hottest item this year is the Fighting Rooster,” said Parker.

What Makes a Good Booth?

What makes a good booth is a business zoned location with visibility, heavy traffic passing by, plenty of parking, and an easy entrance and exit.

TNT Fireworks, with a branch in LaVergne, offers something called TNT University. This helps those who want to run a fireworks supermarket an opportunity to learn about merchandising and marketing. They offer a turn-key package.

“To get a booth, you have to choose a company first,” said Parker. “Then they place your tent.”

Opened on June 20th, the Parker’s booth will stay open until July 5. Rutherford County allows fireworks to be fired from July 3 through July 5. On July 3 and July 5, they can be shot off from 9:00 am until 11:00 pm and on July 4, from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

There Are Lessons to Be Learned

“This has been quite an experience,” laughed Parker. “When I signed up to do this, “I didn’t sign up for tornados or straight-line winds.”

But the lightning wasn’t as scary as a young man who had just turned 21 playing with a lighter at the counter.

“I think he was just happy celebrating his birthday,” said Parker, chuckling. “But suddenly he looked all around him and realized what he was doing, then he put the lighter down. He said to me, ‘I guess that wasn’t the smartest thing to do.’ I had to agree with him.”

Fourth of July Celebrations Around the County

If you prefer to have others do the lighting of the fireworks, click here for three locations in Rutherford County to see fireworks.