Carpet Stain App Perfect For Winter’s “Emergencies”


It’s cold outside!  But we don’t need to tell you that.  Cold weather brings warm drinks that could possibly cause a spill.  Coffee, hot chocolate and hot cider are on the drink list this winter.  Often as you are trying to warm up, you might end up spilling. And as the kids drink more and more hot chocolate, we guarantee a spill. We have just the thing that will solve all of the spills.

We found this app on McCall’s Carpet One website, available for Apple and Android users. Simply click on the website and follow the link to the appropriate app for your device.

The website says, “It happens to the best of us…a “Stain Emergency”. This app is your go-to first aid kit. It features step-by-step, easy to follow instructions on how to minimize or eliminate over 50 common household stains. It even features video instructions for the most common stains.”

After opening the app, you select a stain (we selected coffee.) At the top of the screen, you can choose to watch a video ,email steps, share on Facebook or Twitter. Listed below the picture of coffee are all of the written steps to take care of the stain. Keep in mind the main key to getting out stains is to blot, don’t rub.

See the video below to explain how the app works. Then download it to find out the steps to get out that coffee stain.  See also how we got out grape juice and coke stains here.