Local Blogger Finds Great Success


Franklin native, Rebecca Sweet, wife of Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet, recently launched a lifestyle blog, Sweet Ladi Jane in November of 2015. The blog covers all things fashion, food/beverage, local, travel and more.

The popularity and astounding success rate has been supported by the staggering number of hits. Twenty-four hours after the launch, Sweet Ladi Jane reached over 5K Facebook likes and after a month, the site had almost4K Instagram followers. As Sweet grew up and now resides in Williamson County, local readers will certainly come across a variety of neighborhood ‘hot spots’ while scrolling through the online blog.

Because of Sweet’s Music City roots, the arts have always played a major role in her life. As she watched her mother play piano and took up dancing herself, Sweet was certain from an early age that this was a core value she needed at the foundation of her life.

“I find that through the arts I can fully express myself,” says Sweet.

When Sweet met a musician named Phillip, who is now her husband, they immediately bonded over the love and understanding of art being the core foundation of their lives. Sweet describes her husband as a constant encourager and supporter of Sweet Ladi Jane from the very beginning.

The idea of this particular blog stemmed from a dream that always felt out of reach for Sweet. It wasn’t until after some self-seeking and support from her family that she felt confident and ready to pursue this dream. Regardless of the success and numbers, Sweet ultimately hopes to reach a good portion of the world in a positive light.

“As you scroll through Sweet Ladi Jane, I hope you find joy in all these stories, truth in all the words and inspiration in every post,” says Sweet.

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