Less Disruption for a Smarter Way to Connect: Stealth Fiber Internet from United Communications


There’s no denying that fiber internet is a game changer for residents and businesses looking for the fastest, most reliable way to connect. However, traditional methods of installing fiber internet can have challenges. Typically, fiber internet is installed by digging trenches to lay miles of fiber optic cable, which can cause property disruptions or construction delays. 

As an industry-leading telecommunications company in Middle Tennessee, United Communications has developed a new method of installing fiber internet called Stealth Fiber to address these challenges. With Stealth Fiber, customers can find less disruption for a smarter way to connect. 

How is Stealth Fiber Installation Different? 

Stealth Fiber is a technological advancement that eliminates the need for disruptive trenching by placing United fiber cable inside the Smart Grid conduit that Middle Tennessee Electric already uses to maximize MTE grid reliability. With this MTE partnership and service, United can use these existing MTE Smart Grid conduits to run fiber optic cable for home internet installation. 

What are the Benefits of Stealth Fiber?

Stealth Fiber is much less disruptive to property than traditional trenching, and the method is much less subject to construction delays. This exclusive technology from United Communications creates a streamlined process compared to other internet service providers relying on underground cables. The internet connection with stealth fiber is also a smoother, faster experience for United customers. 

With the power of partnership, United Communications and Middle Tennessee Electric can use the existing Smart Grid conduit for fiber internet cables, providing a secure pathway for United’s fiber network. With Stealth Fiber, you can look forward to the following:

  • Reduced Construction Timelines: Since the pathway is already laid in MTE’s Smart Grid system, the rollout of fiber internet services is as speedy as the fiber connection! Eliminating the need for time-consuming trenching expedites the installation throughout the community. 
  • More Cost-Effective: Using existing Smart Grid infrastructure eliminates the need for costly construction and trenching, making Stealth Fiber internet installation a more cost-effective strategy for United Communications and their customers. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Less disruption to property means less disruption to existing ecosystems! By utilizing existing pathways and avoiding digging trenches, United minimizes environmental impact with Stealth Fiber installation. 

Stealth Fiber is a Smarter Way to Connect

United Communications is continuously seeking ways to upgrade the performance of their internet services to provide the best customer experience possible. Fiber internet is the fastest, most reliable connection available, and United is dedicated to extending access to fiber across Middle Tennessee. Stealth Fiber installation is a smarter way to connect that will help United establish fiber internet in more households in a faster timeline. 

For more information on United Communications’ exclusive Stealth Fiber installation process or the Smart Grid technology from Middle Tennessee Electric that makes Stealth Fiber possible, visit United’s innovations page to explore how this partnership improves connections in Middle Tennessee! 

Get Connected with United Communications!

For a telecommunications partner revolutionizing the way we connect with fiber internet, choose United Communications for your internet services. United is dedicated to providing exceptional service and continues to innovate their processes for the best fiber internet available. 

United Communications is a leading provider of internet and phone services to enterprise-class businesses and residential customers in Middle Tennessee. United has been nationally and regionally recognized, including a 2024 Gold Stevie® Award by The 22nd American Business Awards®, 2024 and 2023 Best Places To Work from the Nashville Business Journal, 2023 Top 100 Fiber-To-The-Home Leader, 2023 Torch Award from the BBB, and a Smart Rural Community Provider℠.

United operates more than 3,800 route miles of fiber covering portions of Bedford, Davidson, Franklin, Giles, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Rutherford, Williamson, and Wilson counties. United Communications is a service of Middle Tennessee Electric. 

United offers fiber and high-speed internet to much of Middle Tennessee, but they are continuing to expand fiber-optic lines to reach rural and under-connected communities. Many areas are either under construction or slated for expansion. Search your address availability to find out when United Communications will come to your address.  

Learn more about United Communications and get started with your multi-gig fiber connection today!

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