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Did you know that a home is six times more likely to experience water damage than fire damage and seven times more likely to experience water damage than a burglary?
And while many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars annually protecting their homes from fire and burglary, their homes are being left completely unprotected from water damage.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, one in 50 of all insured homes filed a damage claim caused by water damage. From 2013-2017, water damage claims were only slightly lower than wind and hail damage claims, which are the most frequent claims.

Water damage comes in many forms, such as faulty pipes and leaky appliances. Appliances are among the most common reason for water leaks, including hot water heaters.

But you don’t have to be a statistic. Leak Gopher, a water leak monitoring system, can detect leaks stop them in their tracks, saving you thousands of dollars in potential water damage.

Water damage claims tend to be among the most severe damage when it comes to property damage claims. On average, claims with water damage are more than $10k for each claim with the total bill equaling more than $13 billion across all homeowner’s insurance companies in 2017! And numbers aside, the headaches associated with repairing the extensive damage left after a severe water leak can be worse than the dollars and cents. Not to mention that some items in your home cannot be replaced or repaired – some items simply are priceless.

Is your home being left unprotected from water damage?!

How Does The Leak Gopher Work?

The Leak Gopher does three very important things to stop leaks and catastrophic floods in their tracks: 1. Detects Leaks 2. Shuts Off Water 3. Instantly Notifies You.

Have you ever returned home from vacation and discovered you had a leak that’s been causing damage for days? Or maybe you went down to your basement and discovered standing water and had no idea you had a leak problem.

The Leak Gopher works by monitoring and alerting you as soon as the leak begins – at the first drop of water.

There are two versions of the Leak Gopher – so that you may choose which Leak Gopher best fits your needs to protect your home or business.

Water Heater Leak Gopher

  • The Original Water Heater Leak Gopher was designed to stop leaks at one of the most catastrophic locations – the water heater.All Water Heaters are Going to Fail – It’s Just a Matter of Time.Forty percent of water heaters begin leaking in the first 9 years and 75% of water heaters fail by year 12. HOW OLD IS YOUR WATER HEATER?!Since water heaters are located out of sight in basements or closets, slow leaks can happen over days, weeks or even months and go un-noticed. The Water Heater Leak Gopher Stops water heater Leaks and Floods – Both Big and Small – in Their Tracks!As soon as the Water Heater Leak Gopher detects the first drop of water, it immediately turns off the water supply to your water heater, preventing further water damage. The Water Heater Leak Gopher then sounds an audible alarm letting you know it has stopped a leak.

Z-Wave Leak Gopher

  • The Z-Wave Leak Gopher is designed to protect your home from water damage as well as to make your home the smartest home on the block!
  • The Z-Wave Leak Gopher kit comes with 3 wireless sensors, so that you can place them in any area of your home where you would like to monitor for water damage. If you need additional water sensors, you can purchase those as well.
  • As soon as the Leak Gopher Water Sensor detects water, it immediately communicates and turns off the water to your home. And once the water is turned off, stopping the water damage, it can send you an email alert letting you know!
  • The Z-Wave Leak Gopher also allows you to use the latest home automation technology to integrate into home automation systems and allow control from anywhere.
  • Going on vacation? Simply Turn Off Your Water until you get back. You can touch a screen from anywhere in the world and turn off the water to your home!
  • Have You Seen All The New SMART Home Products That Are Available These Days? The SMART Door Locks, the SMART Home Lights, Cameras, Thermostats? They All Operate Using Z-Wave. It’s kind of like Bluetooth for your house. Since Your Z-Wave Leak Gopher Kit Comes With a Z-Wave Controller, It Opens Up Your Home to the World Of Smart Home Technology. With the Z-Wave Leak Gopher, You Can Have The SMARTEST HOME ON THE BLOCK!

Whether it’s protecting your home, business or vacation home, water damage can be prevented. Leak Gopher can watch over your properties when you can’t.
Don’t leave your home unprotected from water damage. Order Your Leak Gopher Today to give your home the protection it deserves.

Pick the Leak Gopher that is right for you. Visit www.leakgopher.com or call your local Leak Gopher dealer today at 855-828-2811.

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