Lascassas Elementary Uses Stuffed Animal To Collect Canned Foods


It’s election time at Lascassas Elementary School when students who donate canned food items will vote for one of three stuffed animals to be school “president.”

School Resource Officer Chad Dodson introduced stuffed old English bulldog, Pancake, to students last year to help them adjust to COVID protocols. Pancake encouraged the students to raise 13,340 items for the food drive last year. In the spring, Dodson introduced stuffed turtle Peek-a-boo and stuffed dog, T-Bone.

Physical education teacher C. Jill Christiansen said Dodson developed the food drive theme this year: “Who’s the next President of LES? Will it be Pancake, Peek-a-boo or T-Bone?”

“Our goal for this year is for every student to donate at least six nonperishable items for a total of 3,660 items,” Christiansen said. “Every item donated will count as one vote.”

The candidates listed campaign promises:

  • If T-Bone wins, the school will get extra recess.
  • If Peek-A-Boo wins, the school will get popsicles.
  • If Pancake wins, the school will get a movie and popcorn.

The top overall class in kindergarten through second grade will win a pizza party.  The top overall class in third to fifth grades will win a pizza party.

If students raise 10,000 items, Dodson and Principal Randall Uptain will eat a worm or bug during the announcements.

If students raise 12,000 items, Dodson, Pancake, and Uptain will help serve waffles for breakfast one morning. Dodson will introduce Pancake’s twin brothers and sisters at the breakfast.

If students raise 15,000 items, Dodson, Uptain and Pancake will spend the night camping out on top of the gym roof.

The food drive is Oct. 18-29 with all cans donated to Greenhouse Ministries to feed hungry Rutherford County families.

Individuals or business representatives who wish to donate canned items may contact Dodson at [email protected] or 615-396-7342.