La Vergne Middle School Student Brings Gun to School


LaVergne Middle School was placed under a Code Red after a student brought a gun to school on Friday morning, a spokesperson with Rutherford County Schools said.

Rutherford County Schools said the gun was unloaded and all students are safe.

The student has now been charged by law enforcement.

“We do not tolerate firearms at school. Please know that we always take these situations seriously and have procedures in place to intervene immediately,” James Evans with Rutherford County Schools said.

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  1. 10 to 1 the parents not being responsible and keeping the firearm put up in a gun safe/lock box I think the parents should probably be charged with criminal negligence. Cuz that could have another potential school shooting and that’s all we need is to give the Democrats something to rally behind with their whole anti second amendment rhetoric

    • You can’t hold parents accountable, in this country most of teenagers don’t listen to their parents, we need armed security guards and each student must be searched before entering the school

  2. Why not to place metal detectors device at the school with 2 armed security guards? Yes it can take some time to get everyone into the school but safety always come first, airports daily checking thousands of bags and searching people and no delays, we are not ready to lose anyone from our kids especially this is will make whoever wants to do bad things to think twice!

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