La Vergne Adds Infrastructure, Cuts Taxes


La Vergne MayorThe administration of La Vergne Mayor Dennis Waldron is making historic strides in Rutherford County. For the second year in a row, the city has lowered taxes, an achievement never reached by previous administrations. The tax cuts coincide with a $2 million addition to the city budget and new infrastructure projects throughout La Vergne.

So, how did the city do it? According to Mayor Waldron, by following the old-fashioned advice “watch your spending.” By being financially aware, and performing some budgetary “belt-tightening,” the city was able accomplish both goals.

The new budget will allow for the hiring of more police officers and firefighters, with enough funding for other city improvement projects.

Waldron says, “I want the citizens to know I have kept my word and will continue to work for them. I really love this job…and when I stop loving it I will eventually move on.”

Those words may sound familiar, but Waldron has been backing them up — you may even catch him on a Tuesday afternoon at the La Vergne Farmers Market passing out cold water for workers and shoppers, just so he can get a chance to interact with citizens.