Kyle Evans Appointed as Sheriff’s Office Staff Attorney


Attorney Kyle Evans was appointed to serve as the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office’s staff attorney by Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh.

Capt. Evans’ primary duties will be handling legal matters and supervising the Office of Professional Responsibility and off-duty employment.

“He was chosen because of his experience, not only as a law enforcement officer but as an attorney,” Fitzhugh said. “In addition, working with the state of Tennessee made him an outstanding candidate to fit the needs of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.”

Evans recently served as the handgun permit program director for the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

“I have a passion for law enforcement but I’ve always been interested in the law,” Evans said. “This role combines those two interests.”

After graduating from law school, Evans served as a clerk to Circuit Court Judge Royce Taylor before the judge’s retirement.

Evans follows in the footsteps of several generation of law enforcement officers in his family. He joined the MTSU Police Department as an MTSU student where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

He joined Murfreesboro Police Department where he worked as a patrol officer and traffic officer before being promoted as public information officer. He taught as an adjunct professor at Tennessee State University.  While working at MPD, he completed the Nashville School and Law and passed the bar exam.

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