Kroger Cashiers to Stop Giving Coin Change


The Federal Reserve is currently experiencing a coin shortage. Due to this nationwide coin shortage, Kroger is implementing several creative solutions to minimize the impact to its customers.

Kroger cashiers will stop giving coin change to customers during the shortage.

How this affects customers:

  • Customers can round their total to the next dollar, donating their coin change to Kroger’s Zero Hunger|Zero Waste Foundation. Kroger’s Zero Hunger|Zero Waste Foundation supports hunger relief efforts across the communities Kroger serves.
  • Customers can have have their coin change loaded to their loyalty card. Customers can redeem the amount on their next transaction.
  • Customers using Self-Checkout will still be able to receive coins.

“We know this is an inconvenience for our customers and we appreciate their patience. The Treasury Department expects the shortage to diminish as more regions of the country reopen,” states Kroger in a statement.

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