Kitchen Renovation: DIY Versus General Contractor


Between Pinterest and HGTV, it is no wonder so many homeowners think of a kitchen renovation as a simple DIY project. They make it look easy and fun! (Plus, it’s done in an hour-long show!) But the reality may be far different. Here are five things to consider in deciding to DIY or Hire a Pro for your kitchen reno.

Consideration 1: Budget

One of the primary reasons people consider doing it themselves is the budget. While DIY certainly saves on labor, what does it actually cost? Are you taking time off from work to demolish, haul out and reinstall your kitchen? Time to source, interview, hire and supervise electricians, plumbers and carpenters? Are you paying full retail costs on all your materials? And what do you do if you encounter unexpected problems you’re unprepared to handle?

Consideration 2: Time

You can certainly take your time and not rush when you’re doing the reno yourself. But do you want to live in a kitchen chaos longer than necessary? And if you’re doing it on weekends or nightly after work, you may rapidly find your energy and desire waning. Plus, it’s costing time that could be spent relaxing with friends and family.

Consideration 3: General Contracting

Acting as your own GC may prove more challenging than you expect. Do you need permits? How do you get them? How do you find a reliable specialist in each discipline you need to make your dream kitchen a reality? Hiring a general contractor means entrusting their skills, knowledge and relationships already established.

Consideration 4: Quality

Another aspect of renovating the kitchen is ensuring the quality is there, in the appliances, the flooring, the cabinetry, and in all the hidden things tucked behind walls, such as electric and plumbing. Make sure the home is safe for you, for future residents and that you’re spending your money wisely, on products that will last.

Consideration 5: Aesthetics

If you’re doing a kitchen reno, you have a vision in mind that you want to see fulfilled. But liking a few pieces on Pinterest is not the same as understanding how everything works well together as a cohesive, beautiful and functional space. Hiring a designer who will not only listen to your ideas and look at your inspirations, but understand how to execute that vision is immensely valuable. They may be able to save you money on some pieces while guiding you to what to invest more in. And they can help you achieve a kitchen that will be lovely for years to come – not one that will need to be redone a year down the line if you become disenchanted or need to sell.

Call Kitchen Design Pros

Considering the value of your time, your money and your sanity, maybe you’ve changed your mind. Perhaps that DIY project seems like it’s better handled by a pro. Reach out to the cabinet design experts at French’s Cabinet Gallery. They have years of experience, exceptional customer service and cultivated relationships with general contractors to ensure your kitchen renovation is on time, on budget, functional and beautiful. Call 615-371-8385 to schedule your consultation.

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