The King And Queen Of The Southeast Return To The ‘Boro


January 27th, at the Murfreesboro Armory, a war on Alzheimers will continue as fights erupt in Fight For The Mind 2. And on that night he returns. He’s coming…and he’s bringing a “Storm” with him. The Family is coming back to The ‘Boro.

Sponsored by Kia of Murfreesboro, Buffalo Wild Wings, Canna Energy, and Advanced Financial, Fight For The Mind 2 is a benefit to raise money and awareness for fight against Alzheimers.

Many names participating you will recognize, like James Cornette, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Jerry Lynn, “The Natural” Chase Stevens, and the Extreme Innovator Tommy Dreamer. For the next few weeks we will be spotlighting some of the participants like:  The “King and Queen of the Southeast” Francisco Ciatso and Stormie Lee, NWA Champ Damien Wayne, and last week’s spotlight “Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers.

Meet The King Of The Southeast


Francisco Ciatso is from Oyster Bay, New York. He’s been wrestling for awhile. At 5’10” and 222 pounds, his New York brashness and in ring persona is larger than life .His, beautiful manager Stormie Lee, The Queen of The Southeast, is 5’6″ and all that is wonderful as a professional wrestler from the indy circuit in Florida. Known by many as the Bonnie and Clyde of Wrestling, they are as good as it gets for that wrestling couple you love…but yet don’t.

Ciatso is not going to be a favorite. Or maybe he is. His feud since day one with Tennessee’s “King” of the Tennessee indy circuit Shane Williams has been one of controversy. Think of Ciatso as a “heel” you love. No offense to Williams, but Ciatso is just that damn good. “King” Shane Williams is well known on the Tennessee circuit and is accompanied by his own beautiful manager, Queen Taylor.

For about a year now Ciatso and Williams have been in a heated rivalry, that in part started in ‘The Boro at MTSU. Part of that includes Ciatso putting Williams out of commission for awhile with a concussion from “supposed but unproven”use of brass knuckles. Williams will be teaming up with, on Friday night January 27th at the Murfreesboro Armory, The Innovator of Extreme, former ECW, WWE, TNA star, Tommy Dreamer. Francisco will be bringing his good buddy Jannazzo , as the Slambino Family returns to the ring.

We took a chance and caught Francisco in a good mood and asked the brash Slambino member about his return to Murfreesboro and Fight For The Mind 2:

  • RS:  How long have you been wrestling?
  • FC: I’ve been wrestling for around 17 years between the US…England , China, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. I have been trained by Exotic Adrian Street I learned the RIGHT WAY. I’ve had the privilege of working for WWE, TNA, ROH and all points in between. Currently working on a project that will put it all together under #316productions.
  • RS: Tell me a ‘lil something about the Slambinos:
  • FC:  The Slambinos were formed during a company development called Ring Warriors. We’ve been together for around 4 years or so. Myself, Jannazzo,  Big Vito Lograsso and Big Pete Cannon are the original members. Jannazzo and I are the only active members as of right now. We’ve developed quite the cult following.
  • RS: How excited are you about your return to the ‘Boro? This event ?
  • FC: I’m excited because it’s 10 minutes from my house and I don’t have to travel hours to work. Anytime I get to tag with Jannazzo and have Stormie Lee at ringside it’s a good time. Getting to stomp King Shane and bust up Tommy Dreamer is a bonus. Queen Taylor likes to watch my butt while I kick King Shane’s face in. Best of the Best is showcasing some of the best talent on the independent circuit today. They’re putting WRESTLING first. It’s not about some blonde bimbo using Pro Wrestling to relive her passed “glory” and failing miserably because of her ego.

All Hail The Queen!


Behind every good Clyde , there’s an even better Bonnie lass. And the better half of the Bonnie and Clyde of Wrestling is definitely that. Stormie Lee is brash. Stormie Lee is beautiful. Stormie Lee is dangerous. When she’s not watching Francisco’s backside , she is a formidable wrestler in her own rights in the squared circle. On Friday night, January 27th at the Murfreesboro Armory, The Queen of The Southeast will take on former TNA star, Rebel.

We were fortunate enough to be granted an audience with the Queen of The Southeast and to ask a couple of questions:

unnamed-7RS: How long have you been wrestling?

SL: I’m going into my 3rd year. It’s been one hell of a ride so far.

RS: What’s it like to be the “Queen of the Southeast”?

SL: It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I mean….LOOK AT ME…I’M BEAUTIFUL…TOUGH AS NAILS….and I get to do whatever I want when I want to do it. Queen Taylor is an imposter and a poser.

RS: Talk about your return to The ‘Boro and what fans can expect at Fight For The Mind 2…

SL: A year ago we made this town famous under the management of Chase Stevens amazing vision. We return to shine like the Diamonds that we are. Rebel and I are no strangers to each other. I’M going to send her back to hay truck where she belongs. She’s a commoner and I am a Queen. We’re not called the Bonnie and Clyde of Professional Wrestling for nothing!! I’ll then manage my boys to headline the event against King Shane and Tommy’ll be a great night!!

Tickets start as low as $10 !!

Why The Fight For The Mind?

Shaun Balaban worked as a professional wrestler under the ring name of Shooter Storm for 15 years all throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Canada. March of this year he was forced to hang up the boots for good after suffering many major injuries. He is now concentrating on promoting events under the banner of Best of the Best Wrestling. He ran a successful Fight for the Mind event in Massena NY on April 23 of this 2016 in memory of his mom who he lost after a long battle with Alzheimer’s . He continues what he plans to be an annual event this coming January, 27th in Murfreesboro TN at the National Guard Armory and will have it air live on IPPV via the Fite TV app



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