In Case Y’all Missed It: 5 Top Stories of the Week

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Here are the top 5 stories of the week.

COVID-19 vaccination ID cards are something everyone needs to hold on to and keep safe. They will, in many places, allow you to travel to other states, get you into large events, and may become even more important if proof of vaccination will become necessary to get a passport in the future. Read More

A two-day undercover operation by Special Agents with the TBI Human Trafficking Unit, Murfreesboro Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, Office of the 16th District Attorney General, and Tennessee Human Trafficking Task Force has resulted in the arrest of 12 men accused of seeking illicit sex from minors. Read More

That wafting fragrance of the rose garden? Terpenes. The aroma of a fresh-cut orange? Terpenes. In fact, terpenes are one of the most basic building blocks of nature, responsible for the powerful scents and essential oils that restore and refresh us. Read More

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A look at coronavirus case count in Rutherford County. Read More

Jerremy Weaver and Skip Webb have been quietly brewing beer and serving it to friends at events in the Middle Tennessee area for years. Now, they will be bringing this local favorite to a brick-and-mortar taproom at the end of this year. Read More


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