How to order the new 100th anniversary Girl Scout S’more cookie


To mark the 100th anniversary of the first troop of Girl Scouts to sell cookies, the Girl Scouts of the USA this year came out with a new S’mores cookie to go along with their 10 classic cookie styles.

Pre-ordering started on Dec. 26. Scouts will start appearing in stores on Feb. 5. The sale lasts until the beginning of March.

Good Morning America got the first taste of the new cookie on Tuesday:

There are two versions of the S’mores, one with a graham outside and chocolate and mallow inside. The other is chocolate covered on the outside with graham and mallow inside. The former will be sold by Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, according to its website.

The first Girl Scout cookie sales were in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1917, where a troop sold homemade cookies in their high school cafeteria.

By 1922, the Girl Scout’s magazine American Girl listed recipes and suggested selling them for 25 to 30 cents a dozen.

Today commercial bakers of course cook all the favorites, with Girl Scouts selling some $800 million in cookies to more than 50 million families across the country, with all the profits going back to local troops and the 1 million Girl Scouts across the country, according to Girl

To locate a cookie near you, check out the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee website and cookie locator.