How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?


Just like their human counterparts, dogs need exercise. While humans may dread the extra activity, most dogs actually thrive for it and enjoy it, especially when we make it fun. Like humans too, different types of dogs need different levels of activities and different amounts of exercise. For instance, a labrador retriever typically will spend hours a day just running their energy off, while a smaller dog may only need around 30 minutes before they become tired.

Either way, they need the activity, because without it they can become bored, frustrated, and unhealthy. This may prompt them to get into things they shouldn’t.

Like anything concerning your dog’s health, you should talk with your veterinarian as they can give you tips for appropriate exercise plans that are specific to your dog’s age, breed, and condition.

There are some general rules that can help you get started, though.

Plan to start slow at a lower level, then work up to longer walking and playing routines.
Like you, your dog needs a warming up and cooling down period built into their exercise such as a leisurely walk around the block. This will help to warm up their muscles and get them ready for more intense play.

Like humans, 30-45 minutes a day can start off an exercise program right, and if you play with them, you can get your exercise too.

Your dog needs some mental stimulation too. Change up the paths, the exercise, build in new games or toys to their routine so they can be mentally healthy too.

Your dog is a part of your family, and they often need a lot of the same things. Help them by keeping them physically and mentally healthy. Starting off with good exercise and eating habits can mean that they are not only healthier, but happier.

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