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The Holistic Connection, a leading TN retailer of hemp-derived cannabis products, is celebrating the Grand Opening of it’s new Murfreesboro location at 527 N Thompson Ln this Friday at 1pm, followed by a “Dab Party” on Saturday from 1-8pm.

Grand Opening Details:

Friday, December 4th
1pm –  Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, December 5th
1pm to 8pm –  Dab Bar Party

*These events are open to the public and will include product giveaways, drinks, entertainment and more.

Address: 527 N Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro

What is The Holistic Connection?

The Holistic Connection is Tennessee’s leading hemp derived cannabis dispensary with 7 retail locations offering recreational cannabis with legal THC ingredients. Through a curated experience with their “Bud Tenders,” patrons can consume vapable cannabis extracts in the store at their Dab Bar.

Through Craft Cannabis branded products, The Holistic Connection offers hemp-derived smokeable and edible products that fall into the recreational side, while following all state and federal laws. With Tri-Star Medical branded products, they offer hemp-derived CBD oils, tinctures, and salves that are more medical in nature.

All products are in compliance with Federal and State Law in TN and are also available for purchase online at www.TheHolisticConnectionTN.com/Shop.

Mike Soloman, the Founder of The Holistic Connection added, “Through our vast experience over the past 20 years, we have developed a vertically integrated system from cultivation, processing, to retail, that enables us to legally deliver hemp-derived recreational cannabis products with THC that are fun, recreational, and safe while at the same time offering CBD treatment for health ailments with other products. We have created protocols to ensure guest safety and will continue to be a leading advocate for the legalization of Cannabis in TN, as most states across the country have accomplished.”


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