Oaklands High School Student Expelled After Weapons Found In Car


Schools spokesperson James Evans released this statement today regarding the expulsion of an Oaklands High School student:

” Hello parents,

This is James Evans with Rutherford County Schools and this message is for Oakland High School parents. We want to inform you about an incident we addressed at school this morning.

First, let me say that all students are safe. However, the school discovered a knife, a BB gun and an “airsoft” gun in a student’s car. The airsoft gun also contained 22-calibre ammunition. The student has been expelled from school and arrested for having weapons on campus.

We are sending you this message to keep you informed and to address any rumors before they begin. Please know that student safety is our first priority, which is why we conduct various drills throughout the school year to practice for these types of situations. The faculty and administration at the school handled the situation quickly and followed our safety procedures.

Again all students are safe and we are sending this message to keep you informed. “