Here are Some Easter Facts That May Surprise You


Easter is a holiday celebrated by many each year. It is a day of great religious significance for 63 percent of Americans. It’s also a big donation day for churches as it’s the most attended day.

WalletHub released its 2022 Easter Facts & Stats and here’s what we learned.

  • Total related expenses expected in 2022 are $170 per person.
  • A lot of money will be spent on candy, it’s projected to be $3 Billion.
  • Cost of the most expensive chocolate bunny is $49,000.
  • To look your Sunday best for Easter, $3.4 Billion will be spent on clothing.
  • The most popular items in Easter baskets are chocolate bunnies, individually wrapped candy, loose chewy, candy, and bunny stuffed animals.
  • There will be 91 Million chocolate bunnies sold for Easter.
  • A consumption of jellybeans on Easter could circle the globe three times which equates to 16 million jelly beans.
  • We tend to mostly agree on how to eat an Easter Bunny, 78 percent start with the ears followed by the feet and tail.
  • Which came first? 52.4 percent of Americans say the Easter Bunny came before the Easter Egg.
  • Here are the top five things families plan to do on Easter- egg hunt, eating candy, dyeing eggs, taking family photos, and making Easter dinner.
Wallet Hub Easter Facts
photo from WalletHub

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