Hendersonville Public Library Fires Director, Receives Threats after Controversial Event

photo from KirkCameron.com
photo from KirkCameron.com

Hendersonville Public Library has received multiple threats to the library since an event of Fox News’ coverage of a children’s story hour held at the end of February, according to WKRN.

Now, the library’s director, Allan Morales, has been fired after a 4-3 vote taken Wednesday by the Sumner County Library Board.

Sumner County Mayor John Isbell said the library made a mistake in the way the event was handled but still wants the community to focus on the success of the event.

The event was a story hour that was put on by Christian actor Kirk Cameron for the promotion of his new children’s book. The event drew in hundreds of people.

After the event, Cameron said the Hendersonville Library originally didn’t want him there and they were “as kind as a hornet” to him. He also claimed more than 50 other libraries had denied him to hold an event for his book promotion despite those also being the libraries that previously held drag queen story hours.

On social media, WKRN reports that people from Middle Tennessee and across the country were calling for members of the library staff to be fired because of these claims of disrespect and allegations that the librarians suppressed Cameron’s First Amendment rights.

The library director said in an email obtained by News 2 that he wants an increased police presence at the library and is calling on the county lawyer to send a cease-and-desist letter to the event host.

Police say they are investigating the threat.


  1. There was no mistake in how the library handled the event. Kirk’s team is rude and feel entitled. They stated they needed a room for 5-100, and signed a contract for that. In reality, Kirk was expecting 1500 to attend and began demanding the space even though it went against city codes. The librarian is an outstanding Christian who promotes biblical values, but he must follow city codes and laws pertaining to gatherings… politics aside.

    Kirk Cameron slandered and defamed Mr. Morales who was simply doing his job and believes in the message that Kirk Cameron is literally selling at libraries… selling of books is prohibited at the Hedersonville Library, and that is not Mr. Morales, but rather the board’s decision. Kirk felt entitled and then began lying about “push back.” There was none. Rules and laws were followed as they are for any private party, neutrally. Kirk is trying to act like a victim, but he isn’t one.

    Kirk’s TV interviews resulted in Mr. Morales being fired from the Library as well as his life being threatened. Kirk destroyed him. Judge not lest ye be judged. Let him with no sin cast the first stone. Morales remained silent through these accusations. Kirk is described in the verses above. You tell me who acted correctly.

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