Healthy Eating for Dogs: Consistency is Key to Feeding Dogs



How do you feed your dog? Are you consistent, measuring the kibble carefully at the same time every day? Or, are you more relaxed about it, not concerned about exact measurements or time of day? In this week’s Healthy Eating for Dogs, we tackle the issue of feeding your dog, why consistency is key, and how to properly switch dog foods when necessary.

Benefits of Consistent Feeding:

  • It fosters a level of consistency in your pup’s life. He will learn when he can expect to eat. You will learn when he needs to ‘go potty’ after a meal and a routine is established.
  • Weight control. You control the serving size as well. Those automatic feeders that are on the market can lead to over-eating by your dog and obesity, thereby creating possible health issues.
  • It creates a calmer dog. According to the ASPCA’s article on separation anxiety, your dog’s nervousness can flare-up when disruptions occur to his schedule, or if it is inconsistent.

If you must change your pet’s dog food, do so slowly, not abruptly. “Dogs have a much shorter digestive tract than humans, and because of this, everything they ingest affects them more dramatically,” says Leslie Kessinger, co-owner of Three Dog Bakery in Franklin. “Some dogs, like mine, have iron stomachs and can eat anything and everything without negative side effects. But others are very sensitive to changes in their diet.”

Kessinger says it’s common to see digestive upset, especially diarrhea or constipation when changing your dog’s food. “Dogs’ systems get used to one food composition and have trouble adjusting to a new one. That’s why it’s recommended to phase a new food in by combining it with the old food for a few weeks rather than switching abruptly.”

Kessinger recommends adding a digestive aid to help during the process of switching foods. “We recommend pumpkin, like our Firm Up Dehydrated Pumpkin Flakes, which contains fiber that helps prevent diarrhea, or a probiotic, like Ark Natural’s Gentle Digest, that helps the body break down its food appropriately.”

You can always find great dog food choices at Three Dog Bakery, located on West McEwen Drive, adjacent to Whole Foods in the McEwen Shopping Center in Franklin.

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If you have health concerns about your dog, consult your veterinarian. This article is not meant to substitute or act as medical advice for pets.