Governor Lee Proposes Three-month Grocery Sales Tax Holiday


Tennessee shoppers may receive some financial relief later this year after another grocery sales tax holiday has been announced.

During his “State of the State” address on Feb. 6, Governor Bill Lee announced his plan for a second grocery sales tax holiday.

In 2022, the sales tax holiday on food and food ingredients lasted for the entire month of August.

This year, the holiday will be extended it for three months from August 1 to October 31, 2023.

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  1. A sales tax “holiday” is just a feel good moment. We live in a state with higher sales tax, but no income tax. If you don’t spend any money, you don’t pay any tax. Unlike the federal government, no one is taking your money and giving it away without your consent.
    In the end, there are is a large list of needy expenditures. If the state is feeling so generous, they should take the tax money they would collect and dish it out to the counties for road repair. Almost all are in dire need.

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