Where to Get Free Eclipse Glasses


On August 21, at 1:28 pm, residents in middle Tennessee will be able to see a total solar eclipse (the sun completely blocked by the moon), the first such event that touches the U.S. in a quarter of a century.

It is very important to view the solar eclipse safely with proper eye protection to avoid damage to your eyes. If you stare at the sun without protection, even for a short time, you may experience damage to your retina called “solar retinopathy.”

Below is a list of places that offer free solar eclipse glasses.

Twice Daily – In celebration of the total solar eclipse that is happening on August 21, Twice Daily has partnered with the Adventure Science Center to provide its customers with a free pair of certified eclipse-viewing glasses. Customers may visit any Twice Daily location to get a pair, no purchase necessary (limit one per person), while supplies last.

Dr. Ming Wang -Dr. Ming Wang will host a solar eclipse education seminar Thursday, Aug 17th in Nashville at 6:30 pm at the Embassy Suites hotel, located at 1811 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203. At the seminar, you will learn how to view the solar eclipse safely and prevent eye injuries. Every attendee will receive a FREE pair of solar eclipse glasses that meet the international safety standard. Click here to sign up for the seminar.

Spring Hill Library -The Spring Hill Public Library is giving away a limited number of eclipse watching glasses in preparation for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. These are available to library card holders as well as children in your household ages 5 and under, while supplies last.

Nolensville Library –The Nolensville Branch Library has a few solar eclipse glasses. Limit of 4 per family.

You can purchase glasses at the following places.

Lowe’s – Lowe’s has been carrying a supply of solar eclipse glasses and continues to restock them with a price of $1.98

Kroger – All local Kroger locations are carrying the solar eclipse glasses but their supply is going fast – $1.99.

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