G.O.D. Int’l is Recognized Through Big Payback Fundraiser


Founder & CEO Gregg Garner Selected Fundraiser Cause: “Bridge The Education Gap”

In the last two years, G.O.D. Int’l has highlighted specific causes during the fundraiser. In 2022, the founder and CEO of G.O.D. Int’l, Gregg Garner, selected the cause “bridging the education gap.” He highlighted that education is a fundamental human right, and it needs our attention more now than ever. The global pandemic exacerbated a global problem of unequal access to quality education. G.O.D. Int’l has two academic institutions: the Institute for G.O.D. (a college) and the Academy for G.O.D. (a private K-12 school) as well the CASE afterschool program that operates at four Nashville middle schools. The Big Payback provided the opportunity to raise awareness about the education gap AND raise funds to make good education available to kids in Nashville and around the world.

G.O.D. Int’l Met Several Fundraiser Goals And Was Recognized By Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee

G.O.D. Int’l had a goal to raise $75k during the 24-Hour Big Payback fundraiser. A secondary goal was to double the amount of participants going after event prizes. This goal was achieved, and resulted in two never-before-won prizes for the organization. G.O.D. Int’l was ranked by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee #1 in publicly supported large organizations offering educational opportunities in Middle Tennessee, and 2nd place in large organizations with the highest number of individual donations!  In addition, G.O.D. Int’l was awarded first place in the “Creative Campaign” Award for large organizations, awarding the organization an additional $3k.

Through the Big Payback, G.O.D. Int’l raised $55,846 (including $16,519 in prizes), and an additional $7,750 in matching funds. With the post-event prize awarded in June 2022, the total raised as a result of the fundraiser was: $66,596.

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