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Cutting Through The Complexity of Digital Marketing

All the clutter and noise of today’s digital marketing environment can seem like a firehose of options coming at you from every direction.  How do you know what REALLY MATTERS?  How do you know where to prioritize your limited time and money?

We’ll show you the minimum every business should be doing on-line, and help you prioritize what you MUST do to get your fair share of attention from consumers as well as what gives you your BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK getting your UNFAIR SHARE of consumer attention; how to out-perform not only your local competition on-line, but maybe even fight back against disruptors like Amazon.

This workshop can help you if:

  • You hate your website, but you don’t want to replace it;
  • You have specific goals on-line, but don’t know how to make them happen;
  • Digital marketing often uses too much tech talk and none of it makes sense to you;
  • You’ve always wanted to know how to use the tools the big boys use against you every day;
  • You’re frustrated with your social media;
  • You’re wondering if what you’re doing is the right thing;
  • You enjoy free meals.

Today’s Best Practices That Create Real Advantage & Trackable ROI

You’ll learn about latest best practices that can help every type of business – retail, medical, home services, financial services, hospitality, automotive, and more!

A sampling of the topics include:

  • Getting Google to Show Your Business More Often
  • Earning Preferred Positioning in On-Line Directories
  • Getting Facebook & Other Social Media to Show Your Posts to More People for FREE
  • Reviews & Your On-Line Reputation
  • Email Marketing
  • The Changing Role of Websites
  • Marketing Automation: Fact & Fiction
  • How to Do the Math on ROI
  • What Google & Facebook Really Want You To Do
  • Best Ways to Spend Money with Google, Facebook & Other Global Platforms
  • Hot Tips & Trends to Watch

Led By A Local Small Business Owner with Over 20 Years’ Experience Targeting Consumers in Williamson County

Steven Ludwig is the Executive Chairman of Empower Local, the parent company of WilliamsonSource.com.  He has been a media and marketing consultant all over the US for over 25 years, and most people don’t realize that he’s also been the co-founder of several small businesses here in Williamson County, including A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day SpaPretty In Pink Boutique, and WilliamsonSource.com.  As a local businessman, Steven has been growing businesses here in Williamson County since 1998.

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch.  But this is truly free.  The information sharing is real, and really useful.  You WILL also find out how Empower Local and WilliamsonSource.com can partner to help you tackle your own local marketing challenges – but, regardless whether you want our help or not – you’ll get ACTIONABLE INFORMATION you can use on your own.  We’re so sure of it, if you come to the workshop and you feel it wasn’t helpful – we’ll give you a $25 gift card for another meal, on us!

Interactive Q&A – And A Glimpse Into the Near Future of Marketing Technology

In addition to presenting some real life examples you’ll know well, this interactive workshop will allow you to ask questions on any topic important to you.  The presentation will be followed by interactive Q&A, and the presenters will stay to answer all questions.

We’ll also give you a glimpse into some of the new technologies changing the face of local marketing in the near future – like proximity marketing with beacons and other ways to interact with mobile phones right in your store, physical web – also sometimes called the “Internet of things,” and the HUGE impacts machine learning and artificial intelligence are already having.

More Information

Please direct questions to [email protected] or call (615) 473-3379 for more information.