Four MFRD Employees Promoted To Captain


Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department’s Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks recently announced the promotion of four personnel to Captains positions within the department.

Drivers Adam P. Brown and Jason Hayes were promoted to the position of Captain/Shift Inspector, Driver David Frost was promoted to the position of Captain, and Assistant Fire Marshal Tracy Summar will be joining B-Shift as the new Captain/Shift Training Officer.

Brown has been with MFRD since January 2005 but has been affiliated with the fire service much longer. He has worked with the Putnam County Fire Department for 14 years, worked with the Baxter Fire Department for six years, and has worked with Putnam County Emergency Medical Services for 12 years. He is an Advanced EMT, Hazardous Materials Technician, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science from Vol State. He was recognized several times in 2014 for his assistance with a mother who delivered her baby at home: a commendation letter from then Fire Chief Cumbey Gaines, the City’s STARS (Succeeding Through Attitudes Reflecting Service excellence), and the NAACP’s Jerry Anderson Hero Award. Brown and wife Jamie have two children, daughter Lillian (6) and son Olen (2). Brown enjoys hunting and shooting when not at the fire department. He commented on his recent promotion, “I am looking forward to building a strong professional relationship with a new crew, and working hand-in-hand with them toward bettering the MFRD and the community.”

Hayes has been with MFRD since October 1997. He is a certified Hazardous Materials Technician, and is also certified as a Technician in Water, Confined Space, and Rope Rescue. He serves on the department’s Apparatus Specifications Committee and has assisted in the purchase of several MFRD apparatus and respective equipment. He also voluntarily spends a lot of time installing and/or removing equipment on apparatus and other department vehicles. Jason and wife Karen have three children, son Caleb (14) and daughters Cameran (11) and Jayden (6). When he is not at the fire station or working at his part-time job, he loves camping with friends and family. Jason is enthusiastic about his new endeavor and said, “I’m fortunate to work with some of the best men and women in the fire service who strive daily to provide quality services to our citizens.”

Frost has been with the department since September 2006. He has also served the Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years, where he is currently a Captain and Training Officer. Frost’s Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Studies (Emphasis in Mechanical Engineering) from Middle Tennessee State University has helped him to assist MFRD in many ways over the years. He was able to calculate and create drawings that illustrate how close MFRD’s aerials have to be to a building to reach a certain point. He also assisted with the department’s pre-planning program “Fire Zone,” and taught many employees how to use it to create drawings of the layouts of some of the buildings in Murfreesboro. Frost is also very active as a member of MFRD’s Grant Committee. He and wife Heather have two boys, Lincoln (2) and John (3 months). As for his spare time, he enjoys spending it with his family, along with a little fishing. “I’m eager to begin my journey as a Captain with the C-Shift crew at Station 3,” he said.

Summar has been with MFRD since September 1994. He previously served with Lascassas Volunteer Department and eventually became Assistant Chief of that department. He obtained a Fire Science Degree from Vol State and several certifications while at MFRD; his most mentionable certifications were: Fire Inspector (International Codes Council), Fire Investigator (National Association of Fire Investigators), and Fire Investigation and Evidence Collection Technician. He’s a current member of the International Association of Arson Investigators and the Tennessee Advisory Committee on Arson. Before becoming the Captain/Shift Training Officer, Summar served as an Assistant Fire Marshal for the department. During his time in the Fire Marshal’s Office, he had 100 percent conviction rate on all prosecuted cases. He and wife Lauren have two daughters, Alyssa (20) and Shelby (15). He spends a lot of his time off showing livestock with his girls. Summar commented on his transition back to shiftwork, “I’m excited about becoming the Captain/Shift Training Officer because it will allow me the opportunity to help young firefighters become experienced firefighters, by giving them the tools they need to be successful at MFRD.”

Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks spoke about the recent promotions, “These four gentlemen stood out among a group of highly qualified applicants. I have no doubt that they will excel in their new positions.”

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