Former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler Becomes Chief Design Officer for

1993, a rapidly growing digital media and lifestyle company, announced that former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler will be leading the company’s Lifestyle Division as Chief Design Officer.

Cutler, a founding partner in, will be tasked with expanding the lifestyle division and the company’s mission of celebrating American culture through real stories and authentic goods.

“Obviously, Jay has many talents, but those that know him will tell you that he is a creative savant,” said Outsider co-founder Shannon B. Terry. “He led the efforts to develop the Outsider mark and brand mission and is now creating a portfolio of products that are built from the ground up, with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship.”

Outsider has also launched its lifestyle store, with a small offering of custom-built hats designed and created by Cutler. The company has plans to release a full line of products serving the Outsider lifestyle in the near future.

“I believe in the Outsider mission and see this as a great opportunity to build a brand that can impact so many people in a positive way,” said Cutler. “Outsider is a natural extension of my everyday lifestyle. It is the things I do and what I love. I look forward to sharing this experience as I enter the next journey of my life.”

Outsider is a media and lifestyle company built to celebrate American culture through genuine stories and authentic goods.

Outsider reaches more than 22 million users and more than 7 million social followers. Along with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, Outsider was created by the founders of, (acquired by Yahoo! In 2007), 247Sports (acquired by CBS Sports in 2015), and Pop Culture Media (acquired by CBS Interactive 2017).