Fitness Classes: Which Ones Are Right For You?



If you are trying to pick a fitness class, it may be difficult because of the wide variety of classes that gyms now offer. How do you know which fitness classes are right for you and your fitness goals? A closer look at the different types of gym classes and their benefits may help you make a smart decision.

Cardio Classes
If you are looking to burn calories and fat, you probably already know that cardio workouts are a great way to do that. Classes like Spinning and boxing can give you great cardio workout while also helping you build up your endurance. If you are looking for a fun, high-energy cardio workout, try out a dance or Zumba class that will give you a great cardio workout and a great time.

Strength Training Classes
If you are trying to tone your muscles or even bulk up, you may want to consider fitness classes that require some form of weight resistance. Body Pump is a popular type of fitness class that uses weights for strength building exercises along with bodyweight moves to give you a cardio burning workout that also builds and tones your muscles. Even classes like pilates and Barre classes have aspects of strength training to tighten up and tone your muscles. The key to choosing a strength training class is figuring out what your goals are and modifying accordingly.

Flexibility is an important part of any fitness routine. Flexibility can take awhile to improve, and many people either do not know how to improve flexibility or think it is a waste of time. However, classes like yoga and yoga-pilates fusion classes are a great way to fit in flexibility training into a workout that already offers other benefits that you are looking for. Yoga helps you become more flexible and aids in improving posture and balance. You may also be less likely to get injured during regular workouts if you improve your becoming more flexible, and fitness classes can be a great way to make sure that you are working to improve it.

Don’t be shy to ask your gym manager or class instructors to give you more information about the classes, so you can determine what class is right for you.

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